Step 6:

Continue building the cloud formations using variations of the same colors as before. Enhance the glow on the bottom of the cloud in steps to give a blended and soft appearance. Work to lights slowly. Use white + a speck of yellow ochre to begin the light cloud drifts at the top right and left of the major cloud. This area is dry so stretch the color out to a thinness and it will appear to be blended as with oils.


Step 7:

Continue building the lights and darks shown here. Add white + speck of yellow ochre in the sky to intensify the glow area above the major cloud.
Add the lower clouds using mixes of white + speck yellow ochre + cadmium red light + speck of ultramarine blue.
Add the sun peeking through at the bottom of the major cloud using white + speck cad yellow light. Then add a slight pink glow to the horizon using white + speck of acra magenta and cad yellow light.

Step 8:
Continue building all clouds using previous mixes. Begin brightening areas of high background clouds using mixes of white + tiny speck of cadmium yellow light. Use this mix also to place a light lining on the major clouds.
Continue to develop form in the body of all clouds using lighter colors. Enhance the under-glow on all clouds.
For highlights on the lower clouds, use combinations of lighter sky colors and work them into the body to create form.

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