Step 9:

Continue painting the light areas and create silver linings using various mixes of white + speck of cad yellow light. Try to keep the mixes light and pastel and not too yellow or the color will become too gaudy. Light is expresses well with softer colors against grayed cloud colors. Paint in the glow on the lower clouds using white and cad yellow light. Add a speck of cad red light to the colors for lighter formations within the clouds.


Final Steps:

The entire middle and foreground was painted using combinations of ultramarine blue + cad red light (makes a deep warm or cool, grayed purple) This color was then enhanced with a speck of acra magenta here and there.
Darker areas were made by adding a combination of ultra blue and burnt umber. This makes a beautiful black and will deepen the value of the already dark colors.
Highlights were made using combinations of cloud colors. Keep these reflection highlights soft as we do not want them to compete with the glow in the sky.
I hope you have enjoyed this exercise. Try placing a different foreground in your skyscape. It is amazing how many different subjects will work well with this composition. I have seen students create some magnificent works using some foreground subjects taken from their own photos.
Best wishes in your painting!

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