Setting Up the Palette:

I like to set my palette up with the raw colors from the tube along the top, then the "Intentional" premixes just below them and the bottom of the palette left blank for loading the brush and to use as a mixing area to create the accidental colors.

Premixing the Colors:
The following color mixes are the "intentional" mixes used in the painting. In knife painting you usually use more volume of paint so mix plenty. I would suggest mixing at least 1 good tablespoon of each color for a painting measuring 11" x 14". Follow the color samples shown below and mix these colors in good supply before beginning the painting.

When mixing, be certain to wipe your mixing knife after each trip to the raw color. This gives you more color control in your mixing and less chance of graying or neutralizing the freshness of a color from contamination on the edge of the knife. Caution: Be careful when wiping your painting knife as the blades become very sharpand I have seen artists receive a nasty gash from these sharp edges

©1995 William F. Powell

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