Step1 Free Art Instruction William Powell Studio Painting Lesson: Knife Painting Step 1

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Step 1: Placing the subject and blocking in the sky:
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Begin the painting exercise by lightly drawing the subject onto the canvas using a light blue colored pencil. You do not need any fixatives or sealants when you draw lightly with the colored pencil. Also, the wax lead of the color pencil does not mix with the paint as does charcoal. It also is not as abusive to paint as graphite. However, keep the drawing light. I often just use thinned paint to draw the subject. This way, I am assured of no contamination of foriegn matter.
Next, using the color swatches repeated here, block in the main colors of the sky using the larger, tear-shaped knife. Use more of the ultramarine blue and white mix in the top left corner. Lighten the color with more phthalo green as you move to the right. Also, as you move downward to the horizon, lighten the colors a bit with white and use a bit more of the phthalo green mix.
Check your work by clicking on the thumbnail and reviewing the final painting. When satisfied with this step, move to Step 2.

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