Painting Exercise Step 2:

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Use the larger knife and gently blend the sky. Wipe the knife often to keep the blends smooth. Next, using the smaller knife and the top color mix shown above, paint in the shape of the distant mountain on the left. Then, blend white and a speck of ultramaring blue at the base for mist. Then, use pulling strokes and the point and edges of the smaller knife to create snow effects on this little mountain. (see sample steps below) Use the blue mix for shadow snow and the orange mix for sunlit snow.
After the basic mountain form is placed, paint in some ultramarine blue sky mix using a sawtooth stroke. Then blend these colors using a light horizontal stroke. It is important to remember to raise the leading edge of the knife slightly as if smoothing icing on a cake. This insures a smooth blend.
After blending the mist, use blue sky color and pulling strokes to begin the shadow snow. Let the paint slide off the tip of the knife. This gives shape and form to the mountain. The light is coming from the left so shadow snow is painted on the right side.
Next, add a little white to the orange mix and paint in the sunlit snow. Use the tip as before. Paint some areas a little more solidly to make a snow field. Move the knife sideways a bit for a wider mass of snow. Don't just lay the paint on top of the wet underbase but use the knife to create subtle blends

Once the sunlit and shadow snow is in place, use a clean knife and blend the lower areas so the snow appears to fade into the shadow depths and mist at the base of the mountain. Leave a bit of texture here and there in the blends for an illusion of terrain.

When you are satisfied with this step, move to Step 3.

©1995William F. Powell

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