Painting Exercise Step 3:
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Continue building the mountain using a combination of all colors used previously and the top and bottom colors on this page. Start building the warm side of the mountain using the reddish color. Place this color only on the left (sunlit) side of the mountain as shown in the photo below. Create small peaks rising into the light with this color. Make your knife strokes follow the shape of the mountain face you are creating.
Once you have the basic mountain features blocked in, begin painting the shadow snow patterns that appear on the right side of the mountain. Use the middle color (white + ultramarine blue) for this step. Allow some of the basic mountain color to mix with this color and to show through in places. This helps attach the snow to the mountain sides.
Next, use the phthalo green mix to paint in the mist at the bottom of the entire mountain. Blend this color up into the mountain color and take it all the way to the bottom as shown. Add a speck of white as you move to the bottom to create more of a mist.
Next, begin painting the sunlit snow in much the same manner you did with the small distant mountain. (review the final painting and the closeup on the next page) Begin a pattern that makes this snow also appear to cling to the mountain and rest in the crevices. Blend the snow colors a bit more as they move down into the mist at the mountain base.
Once you have the mountain, mist and snow colors established, begin painting the small mountain on the lower right. Use the same bottom color here to build this little mountain. Hold your knife in a vertical position to create the illusion of trees. (see next step)
©1995William F. Powell
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