Nikki Powell - 1999-2010

Best Friends

Bev and young Nikki the day we brought her home.

Every one of our dear animal family members has come to us through some kind of rescue. Each personality has been different and a complete joy.

We found Nikki during a visit to Petsmart on a Saturday morning. We saw many beautiful golden retrievers and other dogs hoping for a home. We spotted a large cage in a side room with this big, quiet animal just standing there looking straight ahead. I went over and put my fingers through the cage and rubbed her side. She glanced my way and then returned to her stance. When Bev came over and reached in to pet her their eyes met and she leaned into Bev's rubbing. The bond was made and there was no way we could walk away, leaving her. Nikki now enjoys a loving home and we wish that we could have taken them all. There are so many out there that need good homes. Please enjoy the pictures and consider helping some little guy or gal yourself. 


Nikki at home two years later enjoying "her" backyard


Nikki at home eight years later enjoying "her" blanket!


A very fine organization is ANIMAL FRIENDS OF THE VALLEYS

They rescue animals and give sick and injured animals care.

You can also adopt a pet from them. Visitors are always welcome at Animal Friends of the Valleys.

Animal Friends of the Valleys
33751 Mission Trail
Wildomar, CA.

Phone: (951) 674-0618

For after hours emergencies, call 951-506-5069
(For emergencies in county areas, call 1-888-636-7387.)


They are open Monday-Saturday 10 am to 4 pm (Wednesday 10 am to 7 pm)



Thanks to a wonderful organization named B.A.R.C. , also known as "Retrievers and Friends", we met Nikki. The members of this fine group work very hard to find good homes for animals that are in need. Visit their website or contact your own local rescue organization near you to help some little guy or gal in need.


Another wonderful rescue and adoption group is located in the beautiful area of Idyllwild, California. It is called "" Living Free's mission is to save orphaned and abused Cats and Dogs facing pound euthanasia and adopting them into loving homes. Being a no kill group, if an animal is not adopted, it will live out its life here with dignity. These beautiful little animals have another chance at life through this great organization. Visit their website at : For hours and to see all of the activities for the entire family scheduled there.


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