Step 4

Sketch in the glasses and begin shading. Notice the shadow cast by the glasses. Try to develop shading gradually and evenly throughout the composition. This keeps any areas from becoming too dark at this stage.

Begin to suggest the table surface, book verticals and cast shadows on the inside front cover by making shading lines that follow the various surface directions. Use the side of an HB pencil to begin this shading. The vertical sides of the book and the angled strokes on the table add dimension to the drawing.


Step 5

Continue building the shading values and textures. Use the side of the HB pencil to make soft and wide strokes. Use these strokes in the large foreground and background shadows. Make strokes follow the direction of each surface.

Develop the printing and begin the illustration. Remember that the book is lying flat so the image must follow the same perspective. It recedes away from you into the composition.

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