Step 6

Continue building shading values using the point and side of the HB pencil. Keep in mind that the landscape and lettering on the book pages are in perspective. They are lying flat and are receding into the composition away from you. Draw in the watch chain and clock face. Use angle strokes to suggest a shine on the open watch case and develop the shadow it casts on the book. Shape a kneaded eraser into a point and lighten some areas on the side of the books and in the shadows. Then...use a 2B pencil to add the final darks in the shadows. Notice that no shadow is solid black. It is very important to be able to see textures within shadows. This adds to the realism of the drawing.

I hope you have enjoyed this exercise. Try the painting exercise also. It's great fun! The main thing is to relax and simply enjoy the doing of them.

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