Step 4: Applying glazes for water and surface effects and final varnish

Now, begin painting in the water, blending glazes using mixes of Indian yellow, pthalo blue and burnt sienna or individual glaze layers of Indian yellow, pthalo blue, and burnt sienna. Continue layering color glazes to the desired depth and color. Allow to dry between layers.

Apply some of the glaze colors on the rocks and especially where they contact the water. Create cracks and shadows on the rocks under water. Make them follow the ones above the surface.

Allow all steps to dry and then proceed with final surface detail. Use combinations of white, spec of ultramarine blue, burnt sienna and paint in the surface effects. Keep the mixture translucent so the rocks and pebbles on the bottom will show through.

Build color depth to a point that pleases you. Let dry thoroughly. Give the painting a final coating of damar final gloss varnish. This final coating adds to the uniformity of surface and painting depth.

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