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Our videos are presented in three catagories

1. Painting Technique Workshops
2. Finished Painting Workshops
3. Practical Study Workshops

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Category 1. Painting Technique Workshop Videos
Technique videos concentrate on presenting in-depth painting and drawing techniques using several scenes or subjects. Techniques of brush, knife and color mixing are presented in step-by-step paint-along study exercises for each subject.
Close-up shots show color mixes, subject detail and brush manipulation.

Also included are numerous examples of how these techniques were used in finished gallery paintings.


Painting Dramatic Skies and Clouds

(60 minutes) - $35.00 - plus shipping

Five different cloud / sky exercises are demonstrated in this in-depth technique video. Close-up views of how to mix cloud colors, how to paint cloud shapes and forms. Special color mixing, brush loading and handling techniques are demonstrated in depth.

Knife Painting Techniques
(60 minutes) - $35.00 - plus shipping

Knife painting is an old and beautiful technique. It's also fun! Knife paintings are very popular with collectors and galleries. This video presents in-depth demonstrations of knife techniques such as how to paint snow covered mountains, trees, skies & clouds, grasses, reflections, water surface effects and more.


Seascape Techniques - Part 1

(60+minutes) - $35.00 - plus shipping

Each of these seascape videos is a thorough, detailed, step-by-step presentation of brush and color techniques used in seascape painting.
Subjects demonstrated in video 1:

Reflections, color mixing for various water areas, brush handling techniques, moonlight and daylight swells, steps for painting calm water, foam patterns, wavelets, creating a transparent wave glow, ocean swells, blends & textures and more. Also, live action video views of water movement for study and painting reference

Seascape Techniques - Part 2

(107 minutes) - $35.00 - plus shipping

Mid-afternoon scenes are very interesting. There is no dramatic lighting to create shadows at that time. This makes the color mixes a challenge to paint. Presented in detailed, step-by-step instruction and demonstrations.
Subjects demonstrated in video 2:

Color Mixing, wave foam patterns, pancakes, inside & outside wave curl, foreground, water, beach rocks, sand, horizon, transparent glow, reflections, back water movement. Also, Live action close-ups of inside and outside wave curl along with lots of water action!


How To Paint Trees

(Approx 2 hours)$35.00 - plus shipping

This terrific painting technique video is crammed full of color mixing and step-by-step painting instructions. Numerous live action examples and diagrams of various tree types and structures. Some subjects demonstrated are broadleaf trees, pine trees, bark and leaf detail, special brush handling and much more!

Painting Majestic Mountains
(2 Hours) - $35.00 - plus shipping
In-depth, step-by-step demonstrations in this two-hour video include painting mountain shapes and forms, mountain textures, snow capped peaks and masses, desert mountain shapes and forms, mountain color moods, color mixing and brush techniques, background skies, foreground & distant foliage. Also includes examples of exercise techniques used in gallery paintings.


Drawing & Painting Rocks 1
(2 Hours) - $35.00 - plus shipping

Demonstrations include developing rock shapes and formations, painting different rock surface textures, glazing rocks under water, painting boulders, small rocks and pebbles. Also demonstrated is dramatic lighting, creating color moods, Color mixing & palette planning, Also includes examples of exercise techniques used in gallery paintings

Boulders - Field Rocks & Pebbles



Rocks Under Water & Dynamic Lighting


Drawing and sketching Freehand Perspective

2 disks (2 Hours, 46 minutes total) - $39.95 - plus shipping

Presented in easy to follow "Draw-Along" demonstrations

of each segment step-by-step!

Learn perspective the easy way, by drawing freehand in easy to follow "draw-along" demonstrations!

This video is presented by the author of the most popular and best selling book on "Perspective Drawing", William demonstrates each subject on the board in a thorough step-by-step freehand presentation. Subjects included in this two disk video are: 1, 2, 3 and 4 point perspective - creating depth and form - making fenceposts recede into the distance - changing the angle and elevation of roads, etc. - drawing tiles - changing boxes into houses - finding the correct pitch of the roof - drawing people in perspective - finding the horizon line in an enclosed room - drawing & changing circles into ellipses - creating the correct direction and depth of cast shadows - 3-Point perspective looking up "worm's eye view" - 3-Point looking down, "bird's eye view" - drawing stairs in perspective - many examples of subjects in real life - examples of perspective in fine art - ancient art diagrams and much more.

Category 2. Finished Painting Workshop Videos

Each video, leads the viewer through the painting from the beginning steps to the

final details of completion using easy to follow step-by-step instructions.


Silent Night
16" x 20" Oil on canvas
(1 Hour, 27 Minutes) $32.00 plus shipping 

Experience the quiet beauty of painting a moonlight snow scene. The variety of blues and purples adds to the serenity of the scene while creating dramatic light play on the icy snow. Kit includes: 87 minute DVD video, outline tracing guide and printed color samples of the actual paint swatches of basic color mixes used in the painting!

Rim of the World
14" x 18" Oil on canvas
(1 Hour, 26 Minutes) $32.00 plus shipping
Paint the majesty of brilliant clouds rising above a high mountain plateau. The golden cloud highlights accent the lush green and golden foliage of the stately pines. Kit includes: 86 minute DVD video, outline tracing guide and printed color samples of the actual paint swatches of basic color mixes used in the painting!
Category 3. Practical Study Workshop Videos
Practical study videos present the important foundations of painting such as
the color wheel, color theory, composition, perspective drawing, etc.
Detailed close-up presentations using demonstrations, charts and graphic
examples are an important part of these workshops. These videos give
the painter a solid foundation in the rules necessary for successfu compositions.
 The World of Color & How To Use It!

(60 Minutes) - $32.00 - plus shipping

An easily understood presentation & demonstration of COLOR THEORY and methods of using the Color Wheel for Color Mixing and Harmony. Video includes practical mixing exercises that acquaint the viewer with each color used, its warmth and coolness, mixing strength, etc. How to select the right colors and palette for mood and color accuracy is shown. Placing color locations on the color wheel. The use of white, black and gray to tint, shade or tone a color, avoiding dull, muddy colors is also studied.

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